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Transformational Life Coaching

Can you relate to feeling like you don’t know what the next step is? Perhaps you’ve just come through a major life change; ended a career path, divorce, starting over in a new city, perhaps questioning your past choices and priorities? I’ve heard this described as being in a rut, having no direction, and feeling stuck. I’ve been there – that’s what led to my own self-motivation and healing from divorce, new city, new career, the death of my parents. What I want to share with you in coaching is that you have the answers to all your questions. I help draw the answers out and you will be able to map out the next steps and identify what no longer serves you, providing you with clear goals and forward progress from where you sit now. You are really sitting in the Valley of Opportunity, not the valley of lost causes. This is a time to learn more about you and to connect with your gut responses. Get back your drive and ambition, or best of all, learn to love who you are and move forward with the truest version of yourself.

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