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Celebrating all of Life’s Cycles and Phases

A ceremony significantly changes the energy of any event or situation in our life. When we participate in a ceremony, whether as a witness or the main focus, the full experience imprints as a memory at a cellular level, deepening our energetic resolve to commit, resolve and release, or fully celebrate the moment and the journey. Why choose a celebrant? Perhaps your vision is of bringing traditional and non-traditional ritualized components into your celebration. You may choose symbolism and readings that honor the heritages and beliefs of more than a single religion. The meaning and beauty of what you have to share is a co-creation of your ideas, my ceremonial experience, and the energy of our intention. Your unique expression of the promises and commitments held deeply within are about more than just marriage and death. Sacred ceremonies may include rhythm, dance, storytelling, fasting the four elements, as well as guides and angels. As an ordained minister of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, it is important that your beliefs are honored with respect and for the highest good.

Often ceremonies are requested for release and renewal, such as after a divorce, and adult transitions. I invite you to experience ceremonies to honor the solar and lunar cycles, to honor the earth and the beauty of nature.

As a celebrant, I may bless your home of office, your baby, the joining of two households and even travel. What do you hold special in your life now that could be honored by a celebration?

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