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Whatever is ahead of you, embrace the possibilities! Whatever brought you to this place, Thank it, and see your heart grow. If you could let go of grief and anger, imagine how your life could transform?

Laurel Hernandez, CHt, LC, is a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Toe Reader, Reiki Practitioner, and Ordained Celebrant. She continuously updates her holistic healthcare studies in Arizona at the award winning Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She also studied at the Chopra Center with Dr. Deepak Chopra and his staff, earning her instructor’s certification in Primordial Sound Meditation. She has followed her heart’s passion and life’s purpose to support the peace and healing of others as she recognized the need within herself.

Laurel believes there are many paths to our inner knowing, intuition, or “gut” instinct, and finding our life’s purpose. When we practice self-awareness techniques, an inner peace transforms our heart. Synchronicity begins to happen more frequently. As a woman who experienced several life changing events in the past decade, she sought out holistic therapies to regain balance. Her transformation started when she accepted that healing begins with self-love and forgiveness. She utilizes her proven techniques, combined with her own life’s experiences , and years of helping others to reduce stress and promote healing in others.

Laurel is seeing clients in Wickeburg, AZ, where she also connects with like-minded customers in her spiritual gift store. The comments most heard as people walk in the door is the feeling of walking into a spa setting. They say stress begins to melt away at the threshold. She offers unique gifts, friendly conversation, and an inspirational atmosphere.

When you want a ceremony to reflect your unique gifts, beliefs, and beauty of who you are, think of an ordained celebrant. A Celebrant co-creates a unique ceremony for all life events. These very personal, important events, are yours to shape and express. Laurel is a vessel of your celebration. The personal beliefs of the celebrant are immaterial. The focus is solely to honor the client’s belief with respect. There is connection to the emotions and energy of a ceremony that lasts beyond the day and place. We experience it with every sense of our being as a lasting memory.

Laurel likes to rejuvenate in nature, camping with her husband and two Cocker Spaniels. She adores being a grandma "Oma" and playing like only kids know how to play. She feels strongly about reducing her own carbon footprint by raising ducks for eggs, aquaponic gardening and reducing waste by composting.

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